Memorable Matches: Duke vs. Hoskins

The championship match of the 1998 Greater Rochester Open came down to Norm Duke, the top seed, and Steve Hoskins, the #2 seed. Hoskins, a powerful cranker, had thrown a lot of strikes in the semi-final match against Tim Criss, shooting 224, and appeared to be locked-in. Hoskins was the defending champion of the event, and he actually bowled a 300 in the same bowling alley on the TV finals of another bowling event that year. So, during the 1998 Greater Rochester Open, whenever Hoskins started a game with a strike, there was electricity in the air with the possibility Hoskins would attain perfection in consecutive years. The crowd was going nuts whenever Hoskins threw the ball, especially so if he struck.

Dressed all in black, Hoskins started the final match with the first 3 strikes in a row and it seemed as though it was going to be his day, Continue reading


Tony Reyes Memorial Member/Nonmember

On the weekend of August 31-September 1, 4th Street Bowl hosted the inaugural Tony Reyes Memorial Member/Nonmember Tournament, and 59 duos came to compete for the $4,000 first-place prize.

Some notable names in the field included 2000 U.S. Open titlist Robert Smith, 2008 Tournament of Champions winner Michael Haugen, Jr., Curtis Woods, Jr., multiple PBA titlist Scott Norton, Jeff Frankos, Chris Warren, and Josh Blanchard.

The 59 teams bowled eight games of qualifying, divided into two squads, A and B. Lindsey Wong, the tournament host and owner of Off the Sheet Pro Shop at 4th Street Bowl, said he was very pleased with the turnout. After both squads completed their eight games, Continue reading