Jason Belmonte repeats as Masters champion!

Jason Belmonte became the first player to come from the #5 seed to win the Masters tournament, and is only the third bowler to win back-to-back Masters titles, along with Dick Hoover (1956-57) and Billy Welu (1964-65). Belmonte defeated EJ Tackett 221-177 to defend his Masters title on Sunday. Nearly all of the matches came down to the wire for Belmonte, but the ball was always in his hands.

In the first match, Belmonte got off to a red-hot start against #4 seed Ryan Ciminelli, throwing a swisher 7-pin in the first frame followed by six consecutive strikes. It looked like Ciminelli was done for Continue reading


Legends: Barely Holding On

For this addition of Legends, it is an account of something I did. I’ll try to not make a habit of recounting my stories, but hopefully they prove to be entertaining.

This particular story occurred in the middle of summer in 2008. It was few days after I arrived home from my Junior Gold trip to Detroit, Michigan. It was a Tuesday evening, and I was bowling a Jr./Adult handicap league at Sea Bowl in Pacifica, CA. It was four-person teams, and I was bowling with my grandpa, Al Hayes, and Joey Goldstein, Jr.

Every Tuesday evening, it was a rush for me to get to Sea Bowl on time because my dad would get home from work at 5:30 p.m. and he was often a big part of the meal preparation. League started at 6:30 p.m., but practice started at 6:20 p.m. It usually worked out that I would miss practice and throw my first shot in the first frame of league play. This particular Tuesday, I was running later than normal and when I finally showed up, the first two frames had already been completed. Continue reading