Opinion: Bowling needs to be more serious

I was watching the PBA World Series of Bowling: Chameleon Championship this afternoon, and I said to my dad, “You know, I don’t know exactly why, but watching the pro bowling telecasts isn’t exciting to me anymore.”

We talked about why this was the case over dinner, and there were two main issues we came up with. The first one I brought up, and that was the commentating needs to be more informative. For example, a graphic always comes up listing the three bowling balls players brought with them (although I seriously doubt that’s all they have), and next to the ball names is a number, representing the ball’s hook rating. The problem is we don’t know what the difference between a 9.0, a 9.5, and a 10.0 hook rating is. Each one of the bowlers has different bowling balls they are using, yet they all have the same hook ratings, between a 7.5 and a 10. That’s confusing. If I were a person not familiar with the bowling world, I would be wondering Continue reading