PBA Wine Country West/Northwest Open

On Saturday, July 13, 49 of the top amateur bowlers in the west competed in the PBA Wine Country West/Northwest Open at Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park, CA. Of the 49 bowlers that began the day, only eight remain after Saturday drew to a close. After eight games of qualifying, where total pinfall is accumulated, the field was narrowed down to 16 bowlers. Those 16 players then bowled five additional games, again adding to their total pin count, to determine the top eight bowlers, who will be coming back Sunday at 8am for elimination match play.

The bowlers faced the Viper oil pattern, which typically provides a higher scoring pace, but scores were unusually low. The cut line for the top 16 was -7 (if that sounds weird to you, think about it this way – if you bowled one game, and you shot 199, you would be -1 because 199 is one pin under 200. If, on game two, you were to bowl 180, you would be -21 after two games; -1 + -20 = -21) After the five additional games, the cut to make the top eight was +78 (a + indicates a game over 200; 201 is +1).

Eddie VanDaniker, Jr. of Chatsworth, CA, leads the field going into match play on Sunday, shooting plus 313 and averaging 224 for the 13 games. VanDaniker led for pretty much the entire day, and the key to his success was patience.

“There wasn’t a lot of oil in the middle to allow you to miss left,” VanDaniker said. “With the scores so low, the key is staying away Continue reading